7 Parisian specialties every traveller should try in Paris


Loving Paris is loving, at the same time, the city, the lights, the colors, the romantic gardens, the typical Parisian boutiques and obviuosly its food! We are going to whet your appetite with these 7 unique delicacies made in Paris.


A grilled ham and cheese, usually Gruyere or Emmental. When served with a fried or poached egg on top, it becomes Croque Madame. Often served for lunch.

Croque Monsieur-best parisien food-top specialties paris


Whether savory or sweet – a buckwheat galette filled with ham and cheese, a traditional crepe with Nutella and bananas or simply au beurre-sucre – this super-thin pancake is the all-time best street food in Paris. At under $5, it’s also one of the cheapest.

Crepes-best parisien food-top specialties paris


When in Paris, you must eat cheese. Check out the local fromageries (found in most neighborhoods) and try a few varieties. If you’d like cheese with your meal, ask the waiter for a chariot de fromage and a trolley of cheese will be wheeled to your table. Remember that cheese is served post-meal, often in lieu of dessert.

fromages-best parisien food-top specialties paris


Macarons are an ultra-light confectionery made from egg whites, sugar, ground almonds and food coloring, then served in a rainbow of flavors, everything from café to pistachio to lavender. While the delights from Laduree are the most well-known, macarons can be found in many bakeries and specialty shops across Paris. With the beautiful packaging that the French do so well, a box of these is a perfect gift for someone at home.

macaron-best parisien food-top specialties paris


Tender snails, cooked in butter, garlic and parsley. Dipping the bread is not only acceptable; I believe it’s actually a criminal act in France to leave any trace of sauce behind.

L'Escargot, Greek Street London. February 2014


A different animal from the one commonly served in the States. Arranged on a plate are tuna (from the can, not a seared fillet), anchovies, green beans, tomato wedges, hard-boiled eggs, sliced potatoes and black olives, dressed in a vinaigrette. It takes forever to get through this salad, which is great because that’s how long I would like it to last.

Salade Nicoise-best parisien food-top specialties paris


A buttery, flaky croissant filled with dark chocolate. Great for breakfast with un café noisette (espresso with a touch of cream; called noisette, French for hazelnut, because of the dark color of the coffee) or un café crème (coffee served with hot cream). You may also like a pain au raisin or a simple, straight-forward croissant.

pain au chocolat-best parisien food-top specialties paris

Could we seduce you with these culinary delights?

Now the hardest part is knowing which one to prove first while staying in Paris!

Source: Paris Design Agenda


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