Men Describing What Periods Feel Like Will Make You Laugh and Cry at the Same Time



Probably the best and the absolute worst thing about surfing the crimson wave is that men have no idea what it feels like. Most of them have no interest in knowing, which is great if you want to get out of work early, and really sucky if you’re doubled over in fetal position on the sofa while you’re boyfriend’s sitting there complaining about a head cold. Life is so unfair sometimes.

But it turns some men have given extremely detailed thought as to exactly what getting a period feels like. One woman posed them the question on Reddit last night, and the results are predictably hilarious. See the best answers below, along with Britney Spears’ reaction to them. #JudgingYou

“Like your uterus walked downstairs and missed the last step.”
This guy has no idea how accurate he is.

“Like right before you go to the bathroom with a cross between really bad liquid diarrhea and peeing, with some associated bloating.”
I’m concerned by how detailed this is.

“Like having a grouchy ferret buried in your abdomen.”
Yeah, a ferret with TEETH and CLAWS.

“In my head I always imagined it was this dull ache that was constant you until, for seemingly no reason, everything cramps up and it’s like getting kicked in the groin.”
Pretty much, just add some back pain.
giphy (1)

“Galoshy in the swampy region. Kind of like when you have a wet fart that lubricates deep between your butt cheeks. Except with a period, it all happens in your front butt.”

“My idea of a period is that there’s like this really bad cramp, like your insides are coming apart, while you feel bits of your body flowing out. Like you are constantly peeing yourself, but you can feel where the pee is coming from, and can feel it peeling off.”
Sort of, but less utterly terrifying.

“Like your ovaries going to war in your uterus and one of them launches a nuke, then the blood and flesh of the fallen seep out through a hole in the crater at the worst possible time.”
Classic dude response.

“Like how your head feels when you’re sick. But your nose is a vagina.”
giphy (2)

“Based on my wife, I imagine it’s like those stabbing pains you get when you’ve been forced to hold onto a #2 for too long, coupled with a hangover.”
He gets it.

“Pretty much what happens when I eat gluten and have an allergic reaction. Bloating, pain, irritability, nausea, mild flu-like symptoms, etc.”

“I think a period cramp is like the intense debilitating stomach cramps you get from eating something too hot. Example,last week I ate a butch t and then ate a ghost pepper. I was then curled up in the fetal position on the couch for 4 hours because any other positions caused my stomach great agony. Something like that?”

“Judging from the tampon commercials it feels like a day at the spa that makes you want to dance around on the beach in slow motion and play sports with your friends.”
tumblr_misvw3V3m41r3ty02o1_500 (1)Source: / Hannah Ongley


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