Chocolate Festival Amsterdam



Join us at Chocoa March 5-9th in Amsterdam:  TradeFairConference and Chocolate Festival!
Taste chocolate at the 50+ stands, more than 30 tastings, wine, craft beer, coffee, music, movies and more, buy your tickets now online!


Good cocoa should always be produced under good sustainable circumstances. Better chocolate is produced from those good cocoa beans.

Less than 20 percent of the cocoa production is now sustainable. The demand for sustainable chocolate is growing but the production is not. We want to see this changed by uniting all parties in Amsterdam, this year from March 5th – 9th. Chocoa brings together chocolate lovers, producers, traders, buyers, connoisseurs and chefs in Amsterdam, and consists of several events:

Chocoa Trade Fair March 5 and 6th 
During the Trade Fair suppliers from various countries meet with the buyers of cocoa. Come, test and taste some of the finest raw or roasted beans and products during this international market place. Discuss and learn about topics such as marketing, storage and production during the seminars.
The Chocoa Conference is at the edge of innovations in quality and sustainability in the cocoa sector. The Conference gathers international speakers  to discuss and debate. This year, the potential, benefits and challenges of the development of a middle market segment will be explored.
Chocoa Festival March 6-7-8th
Discover the many different types of chocolate and learn about their origins and specific taste characteristics. Chocoa Festival is for everybody, a place where exhibitors present and sell their products and where youcan attend tastings and presentations in separate areas.

On Friday 6th March we will open the Festival during Choco Lounge. There is also a special ‘Chocolate for Lovers‘ tasting, buy your tickets now (limited availability).

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates. We are looking forward to see you (again)!

Source: Chocoa – Good cocoa better chocolate

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