7 Ways My Superwoman Career Mom Taught Me That I Can Have It All



There’s no denying it: Women are rising to the top of the working world.

We are finally seeing more and more females scoring big-time jobs and making names for themselves professionally, changing history as they go.

Gone are the days of the unwritten rule that a man must own the title of CEO or vice president of a company, or that he must be the breadwinner in the family.

No longer do we see women satisfied with staying home all day; rather, they’re bursting headfirst through the doors of businesses, working just as hard — if not harder — to outshine their male counterparts to rightfully attain the jobs they deserve.

We should be thanking these women for leading the generations after them.

1. It Doesn’t Come Easily

2. Never Give Up

3. Work Hard Then Work Harder

4. Emotional Intelligence Is More Valuable Than You Think

5. Stay True To Yourself

6. At The Same Time, Stay Dedicated To Your Work

7. All Working Moms Are Superheroes


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