What men really wants from women



“What do guys really want from women?” They seem to all say the same thing, but in reality, their actions say the complete opposite.

This is the most unscientific study available and just randomly asked guys on different social media sites this question!

1. Beauty  

This was the most common response. Men want women who are attractive and keep themselves looking great all of the time. They want you to look your best! Some of the answers were mixed in the sense that some men definitely wanted someone who kept themselves in great physical shape while other men commented that it wasn’t as important if a woman had more curves, it was the way she carried herself, it’s a sign of confidence, which is attractive to most men.

2.  Great Sense of Humor

Men want a woman they can laugh with. They want to have fun and to have a woman enjoy sharing activities with them.

3. Confidence

4. Intelligence

5. Laid Back

6. A woman who “knows what she wants”

7. Humble

8. Great Sex

“A woman who delivers in the bedroom will, more often than not, get what she wants from her man – a dedicated lover. I hate to be crass, but it’s reality”

9. For women to support them in their work

10. Space

They want women to be fine with “guy time”. They need time with the guys to unwind and engage in sports and hobbies

Also these comments that were interesting….

” I say this to be helpful, not to be a jerk. I think women are confused about what (MOST) men want. Men don’t want intelligent, career women sorry. That’s what women want from men. I’m not saying men want ditzies, but in my experience, women assume men want what they (women) want, and it’s just not true”

The last comment will made you wondering if that was in fact  the most honest response you received or not? Will we ever know what the opposite sex really wants?

Conclusion overall, men did not want to be alone.


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