How to talk to your customers on social media



Small businesses can easy connect with their audience on social media:

  • Promote new products. Take photographs and share them via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Make sure you focus the accompanying text on a benefit your customers will care about.
  • Tell people about a sale or promotion you’re running. People love deals. Including a picture will get your customer’s attention and help them visualise themselves with your product.
  • Announce a new member of staff. This doesn’t have to be done in a boring way (the way most companies do it). Have some fun with the announcement and include a picture.
  • Get involved with your community. Not every tweet or post needs to be about your business. Focusing attention on others is a great way to build an audience online.
  • Share pictures and testimonials from happy customers. Make sure you have their permission first.
  • Give people something to think about. Publish an inspirational quote or share an interesting tweet.
  • Don’t forget the basics. Tell people about a new telephone number or any upcoming changes to your hours of service.
  • Tell people if you’re hiring. You never know, your next superstar may be a current customer, or a friend of one.
  • Ask your customers questions. Use social media as a tool to get customer input on how to improve your products or services.
  • And answer their questions too. Responding to queries and comments is the best way to build engagement.

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