Interview with Mampreneur FashCrash ByLalita



FashCrash by Lalita is a private label launched in 2014 by Lalita Harnam who’s also a self taught designer of her creations. With FashCrash, Lalita is showing the fact that women have more assets than we can think of.

FashCrash is looking forward to launch their new collection (fall/winter ’16/’17) in close collaboration with leading women already faithfully enjoying her work…

Background: With Indian roots, born in Surinam and grown up in The Netherlands, Lalita’s passion for fashion started already at the age of nine where she used to jump behind her mothers sewing machine try to make her own clothes. After an extensive career in the corporate world Lalita decided to follow her true passion by designing clothes for women in the business society. With her international experiences and love for the cultures around the world, Lalita followed her dreams and started designing a first collection called “Orchids collection by Lalita”. This exclusive and stylish collection, crafted with glamorous silky fabrics and heavy embroideries, was a mixture of classic and modern evening gowns with looks of the west and a touch of the east. In 2015 she decided to design a ready to wear collection. Her focus on the modern business women and their extremely busy lives with needs for looks that could suit the 24/7 life style, is inspired by Lalita’s own experiences throughout her career. How could she wear a perfect outfit without changing constantly. How could she combine sophistication with stylish and elegant looks throughout the whole day. She found that answer and is now ready to share it with the world…


Signature: Exclusive and comfortable fabrics brought together in sophisticated wear with elegant and stylish designs with a highly modern and exclusive look.

Design philosophy: Offering (custom made) products for women wear and emphassing the feminine curves in modern silhouettes of wearable fabrics for daily performance and exclusivity. Make every woman feel special in timeless and unique designs so the taste will last forever…

For further information or if you would like to visit our showroom in The Hague, please contact us at



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