Interview of Mampreneur Gabriella of Crave Food – Bakery

My name is Gabriella and I come from the South of Italy. I was born in Naples and I grew up in Salerno, the city where the beatiful Amalfi Coast begins.

Exactly 10 years ago I moved to Barcelona and, after 7 unforgettable years, I moved to The Netherlands, first to Amsterdam and in August 2015 we moved to Haarlem because our baby boy, little Francesco, was coming!
I started my own business in June 2014 and I began it offering my collaboration to work as a Freelance cook, available for catering, events or busy periods of work. I’ve been always passionate about Italian food (in Rome I took a Master degree in Communication & Journalism specialized in Gastronomy and Wine) and, at the same time, I’ve also been an avid fan of baking, that’s why I canalized my business towards this profession.
It started as “Crave Food” and later I added the word “Bakery”. This name is because a song that reminds me Barcelona, my friends there and the day I met my partner Fabio.The song is “Crave you” by Flight Facilities. I changed “you” for “Food” because of my passion!
When I have to bake for an order, I usually wake up no later than 7am. First of all I make my short Italian coffee and afterwards I prepare all the pans I need with butter, flour and baking paper. Maybe this part of the job is easy but is the one I do not like the most! Anyway it’s really important otherwise I could brake my cakes and, of course, I couldn’t sell them anymore. So little by little I’m appreciating also this task.
I’ve no hours or days for my job. I work everytime I have to deliver an order.
My kitchen is my realm…and I’m the QUEEN! Hihihi!
As we say in Italy “la pubblicitá é l’anima del commercio”, it means that advertising is the soul of commerce.
Make the customers happy, giving them the best service, the best products and the best prices.
I don’t have a routine, it always depends on the order.
My partner helps me with the baby while I’m baking and, especially during the pregnancy, he was in charge of the delivery.
It was exciting when I got the first big order from a restaurant I really love! The restaurant is Juice & Salad ( and they still are one of my best clients. I like their concept of food, healthy, km0, no preservatives. I was really happy also when they told me that they were about to open a new restaurant…so now they have 3! You can find there my beatiful carrot cake, banana cake and brownies!
My challenge is doing everything (mom, wife, baker and cook) in the best way possible.
I’ve been working as Sales Manager and also in Events, but my biggest passion has always been what I’m doing now!
I love good food and I love to share my passion with others. I also have more projects for the future. With a friend we are planning to organize workshop for children during birthday parties, because I believe it’s important that our kids know more about food and what they eat. Of course, the workshop is like a game, but it can be important to give them also a few information about the food we cook and we eat.
I’m specializing in gluten free products so my next goal is to give the opportunity to have a nice baked good also to the ones with allergies and intolerances.
My best tip is not new, but I really believe in it. It’s the basic for a good business and a happy life:
Gabriella Sabato

Freelance Baker & Cook
Facebook: Crave Food – Bakery

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