Interview with Mampreneur Jailan Heidar



I’m Jailan, originally from Cairo, I moved to Amsterdam almost 9 years ago with my husband.
We currently live in Amsterdam with our little boy.

Why did you start your own business and what is the (your business name(s)) all about?
I always wanted to have my own business from the time I was at university. I originally studied Computer Science but halfway through what was supposed to be a temporary job as a preschool teacher I fell in love with the world of child development.
In my early years working as an Early Childhood Educator I decided I wanted to have a larger impact and help families directly.That’s when I decided to study to be a Parenting Coach After completing my MSc. in Child and Family studies I officially started Early Years Parenting in 2013 where I offer support for families with young children with everyday parenting challenges. With all the conflicting advice on parenting available I want to offer parents advice based on credible research and practical tools. I believe there is no “model answer”, every family is unique. My goal is to give parents a set of tips and tools they can use when new challenges come up.I am also a big believer in Positive Parenting both from personal experience and
research, that’s why my advice and approach are rooted in the principles of Positive Parenting.
I currently offer one­on­one consultations, workshops and parenting support groups.


What hours/days do you work?
I currently work 2 days on completing my PhD in Child and Family studies and officially 1 day a week on my Early Years Parenting business but I also work evenings and weekends for my own business.

Do you have a designed area you work in your house?
Yes! I have to work at my desk otherwise nothing gets done. I try to get it ready the night before so that I can start work right away.

What’s your best marketing advice?
I learned that it never hurts to ask for help, advice or if people are interested in your service.

What’s your best customer service advice?
My best customer advice is be your authentic self. People value it tremendously when they deal with an authentic service/business.

Do you have help with your kids/business or are you doing everything on your own?
My husband is my biggest help. He is my editors, proofreader, web developer and moral support. I’ve also gotten a lot of encouragement and help from lovely mamas I’ve met in the Amsterdam community.

What’s something excited that’s happened to you in your business?
A year or so into my business I was invited by Amsterdam Mamas organisation in Amsterdam to give a talk about Positive Parenting for young children. That was very exciting for me that I had been invited personally because of my reputation in my workshops and advice. It was very fulfilling.
What’s your biggest challenge of being a Mampreneur?
My biggest challenge being a Mampreneur is the classic work/life balance. I took a clear decision to be away from work for a year after my son was born till we sent him to daycare. While I believe that was the right thing to do for him and us as a family it did cost me in terms of business. I found myself having to rebuild my network almost from scratch. That was a bit
frustrating after having had the business going for a bit already.

What do you love about your business?
I absolutely LOVE the aha moments that parents and caregivers have when they attend my workshops or consults. My best moments are when someone says “oh I never thought of it that way” or “I like how you phrased that! I’ll try it out now”. Of course the ultimate reward is when parents come back to me and say “It worked!! ” and I can see they are practicing more hopeful and calmer parenting. That is really an amazing experience.

Who is your business mentoring for?
My services are perfect for families with young children who are struggling with everyday situations like tantrums, bedtime, getting dressed, brushing teeth,acting out, sharing ….the list goes on. People often feel that these issues are “too mild” for a child psychologist but they are still so big that they are causing stress for the family everyday. That’s where I can come in and
help out since my work focuses on parent­child relationships and child behavior not psychology.

What’s next on the card of (your business name)?
Oh so many ideas and little time. I would love to publish a workbook. I am in the process of making an ebook version of it I plan to finalize before the end of the year. I also have some other ideas that give parents more information about learning through play with young children, a topic very dear to me especially with recent reports on how little play time young children are getting at school.

Your best tip you can give to a Mampreneur?
Follow your passion it will make you a happy mama and person which will overflow to your family. Ask for help! I don’t believe in a supermama, collaboration and support from friends, family and other professionals will only help you and your business go further.

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