Interview with Mampreneur Amalia



Hi my name is Amalia Moerman-Pavlidi and I live with husband and daughter in Greece and the Netherlands.

  • Why did you start your own business and what is the (your business name(s)) all about?

    It is very important for me to sing and I want to inspire people. That is the reason I started my own vocal academy. Adults classical singing, yoga for singers, also singing for children and kids yoga.. piano and teaching vocal in London, yoga certificate for singers and kids in Greece.

  • How do you start your day?

    I bring my daughter to school, after that singing and music lessons, little break, doing some paperwork, taxes etc, then going to pick up daughter from school. Cooking and cleaning. Anna goes to a dutch school. Anna is 4 years old.

  • What hours/days do you work?

    Well I am working the whole day, she is doing a lot days, preparing for the lessons then teach the lessons, then prepare paperwork for the school. I work many hrs approx 10 hrs per day also during the weekends. I also offer Skype lessons and have students from different countries.

  • Do you have a designed area you work in your house?

    Yes i have made a studio in my house. For workshops I am renting a place.

  • Do you have a routine you stick to in for work? No.
  • Do you have help with your kids/business or are you doing everything on your own?

    I don’t have really help, I am happy Anna started school this year, sometimes I have some help from a friend, mother in law or husband but that is not every day.

  • What’s something excited that’s happened to you in your business?

    Generally many excited things always happen I am a positive person, things are coming to mer, most amazing I am having new students without advertisements, pretty amazing..

  • What’s your biggest challenge of being a Mampreneur?

    Its very tiring and i feel in the end of the day i always feel my child missing me.

  • What did you do for work before becoming a Mampreneur or doing both?

    Before teaching I am gruaduated as a translator, did writing articles in small papers, I didnt like it but it was for earning money.

  • What do you love about your business?

    I love to meet people with different personalities, backgrounds and nationalities and working together.

  • Can you tell us what has been the highlight of your career?

    My child Anna when she was born.

  • Who’s your biggest inspiration in business?

    My is teacher when i was a student she was also a young mother she also did it and created a vocal school with a lot of students.

  • Your best tip you can give to a Mampreneur?

    Will be to if you have a dream or vision and you belief in what you want it will happen go for it.

Read more about Amalia on her website:!about/c1erv



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